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KLASSEN ADVANCED FILTRATION INC. - Canadian distributor for C.C.Jensen since 1994

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HDU Fine Filters are offline oil filtration systems with integrated circulating pumps for kidney-loop type installation.  They are effective at removing the following from most types of mineral and synthetic oils:

•  Solid particles (dirt, wear metals)

•  Moisture (free and dissolved water without continuous ingress)

•  Degradation by-products (varnish, sludge, resins)

Fine Filters are available in a wide variety of sizes, flow rates, and options to match the application.  Fine Filters are installed on over 80,000 wind turbine gearboxes worldwide.

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80,000 wind turbines can’t be wrong

Filtration Rating: 3µm absolute

Flow Rates: From 20 L/hr - 14,000 L/hr (depending on model)

HDU Models: 15/12, 15/25, 27/27, 27/54, 27/81, 27/108, multi-housing

HDU Fine Filters

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Every CJC Fine Filter comes with the following items:

  • CJC filter housing
  • CJC 3 micron absolute filter insert
  • Filter pump with integral relief valve
  • Electric motor
  • Pre-filter sample point
  • Stainless steel pressure gauge
  • Air vent bleed screw

Additional features may be added or adjusted to suit, including:

  • Electronic controls
  • Mobile cart
  • Drip pan or drain tank base
  • Preheaters or coolers
  • Variable pump flow
  • Automatic viscosity compensation
  • Alternative pump drives (hydraulic or air motors)
  • Alternative oil supply (no pump or bypass block)
  • Pressure safety switch
  • Automatic or continuous air bleed

Common Applications

  • Gearboxes (wind turbine, cooling tower, crusher, conveyor)
  • Hydraulic systems and HPU's
  • Bearings (oil bath or pressure fed
  • Paper machines
  • Presses

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