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KLASSEN ADVANCED FILTRATION INC. - Canadian distributor for C.C.Jensen since 1994

CJC® Desorbers are highly efficient at removing water from oil, regardless if it is free, emulsified, or dissolved water in the oil.  Desorbers work equally well on thin hydraulic oils as high viscosity gear and engine oils.

What sets the Desorbers apart from other water removal products in the market is their simplicity.  Automated run and drain cycles ensure reliable, trouble-free operation without needing specialized training, constant supervision, finicky adjustments, or consumables.

Because there are no filters or cartridges, the Desorber can easily be moved among systems or even oil types without disassembly, readjustment, or labour intensive cleaning. (Exception D5, D10 with filter)

Remove water from oil without the fuss

Water content in use: Typically maintains below 200 ppm

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CJC® Desorbers

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Every CJC Desorber comes with the following items:

  • Heated oil chamber
  • Inlet & outlet oil pump
  • Air blower
  • Electronic control box
  • Automated Run & Drain cycles
  • Pre-filter sample point
  • Electric preheater(s)
  • Water drain outlet

Additional features may be added or adjusted to suit, including:

  • Fine Filter (std on D5, opt on D10)
  • Mobile casters
  • Phase-reversal light
  • Phase-reversal self correcting relay
  • Water cooler
  • Refrigeration cooler
  • Additional weather protection
  • Add a CJC Fine Filter for the ultimate in protection

Common Applications

  • Gearboxes
  • Hydraulic systems and HPU's
  • Bearings (oil bath or pressure fed)
  • Paper machines
  • Oil reclamation
  • Presses
  • Engine oil
  • Marine thrusters & stern tubes

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CJC® D30 Desorber running on 65 Litres of severely water-contaminated gear oil.  One thing that sets the Desorber apart from other water removal systems is how the water can be captured and quantified, rather than evaporated to the atmosphere or absorbed into filter media.

Elapsed time: 14 hours  

Water removed: 29.4 Litres