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KLASSEN SPECIALTY HYDRAULICS INC. - Canadian distributor for C.C.Jensen since 1994


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Protect critical assets

Dedicated CJC Filters are a simple and cost effective way to prevent oil related failures

Quick return on investment

Considering increased life cycle, reduced maintenance costs (including oil changes) and energy efficiencies, payback for CJC Fine Filters are often just 4 to 10 months

Simply, remove water

The Desorber is truly Plug & Play. No specialized training, adjustments, or consumables required

No smoke, mirrors, or snake-oil

Stop wondering "Where did the varnish go?" See and smell it each time you look at the inserts in the CJC VRU. No magic tricks, just varnish free oil

The best defense is a good offense

Be proactive in maintenance with CJC Offline Filter systems

Cheaper than an oil change

By filtering instead of draining differential oil, the CJC MFU can pay for itself in as little as 2 services

An incredible amount of technology goes into every CJC® Filter to protect your system from harmful contaminants.  Be it dirt, wear metals, water, or varnish and degradation by-products, CJC® Filters make the difference between typical oil filters and truly clean oil.

Don’t just take our word for it - observe the results for yourself.  Put CJC® to the test and watch what it can do for your system.

The C.C.Jensen Difference

Not just another oil filter